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Mohamed Soliman drinking Café and restaurant
Our little café, on the shores of the Red Sea, serves lovely coffees, juicy shakes and Bedouin tea. And, in the evening, the best seafood dishes in Dahab. Freshly caught and skillfully prepared by the chef himself.

Authentic Local Cuisine
The café at Marine Garden Camp specialises in Bedouin dishes and caters both to resident guests and to people passing by. Our kitchen is different from the large commercial establishments in Dahab - unlike them, we offer our foreign visitors a uniquely authentic cuisine at local Egyptian prices.

Fresh Ingredients
There is a full set menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as plates available at any time of the day. Our meals are nutritious and filling, our ingredients are fresh and freshly prepared for each customer.
Meals are served with our own flat Bedouin bread, known as fatir that we make right here on the premises.

We are the only cafeteria in the town that serves drinks made from local herbs that have been used for centuries to promote relaxation and vitality. Take a look at the range of dishes we have on offer.

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